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ATS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assembly

The mission of the ATS Scientific Assembly on Pulmonary Rehabilitation is to enhance the development, implementation and outcomes of pulmonary rehabilitation.

We achieve this through patient care, research, education, and advocacy. The Assembly serves as advisor to the ATS on issues related to pulmonary rehabilitation. We work with other national and international organizations toward our common goal of improving the health and wellbeing of people living with respiratory disease across the world.

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ATS Patient Education Fact Sheets

The ATS Patient Information Series and Public Health Information Series now include more than 100 fact sheets on topics in pulmonary/critical care/sleep ranging from pulmonary function testing in children, bronchoscopy, and arterial catheterization to sleep studies, smoking cessation, unproven stem cell therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Fact Sheets A-Z

COVID-19 Fact Sheets

ATS Offical Documents

Official ATS Documents include clinical practice guidelines, policy statements, research statements, technical standards, and workshop reports, many of which are developed collaboratively with other professional societies.

ATS Official Documents - Pulmonary Rehabilitation

ATS Official Guideline Implementation Tools