Survey reveals majority of patients diagnosed with chronic pulmonary disorders are unaware of standard-of-care treatment for their deadly disease

Posted Nov 16, 2018

Sixty-two percent of people diagnosed with chronic pulmonary disorders have never heard of pulmonary rehabilitation – an effective non-pharmacological treatment option covered by Medicare and private insurance – according to a survey released by the American Thoracic Society, or ATS.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a comprehensive 6- to 12-week program of exercise and education that is proven to reduce symptoms, improve exercise capacity and enhance quality of life for patients living with chronic respiratory diseases. However, it is significantly underutilized, particularly as compared to pharmacological treatments such as inhalers or steroids. 

A recent study published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society showed only 1.9 percent of patients hospitalized for COPD received pulmonary rehabilitation within six months of being discharged.

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